Kathrin Lake

Kathrin Lake: Writer, Author, Teacher

Nominations are now closed and pending a decision. But you can still read the excerpt and see the promo page using the link.

My latest book “The Happy Hammock” here:


If you want my full longer story, please go to K’s Story page but for now, if you are curious, have a look at my Books, my Blog and poke around. And do contact me about any of it at the Contact page. I’d love to hear from you.


Message from Kathrin About Life

In my blog , often you will discover my thoughts on how to move from just surviving in life to thriving. Yes, I wrote a book by the similar title, From Survival to Thrival, but guess what? The journey never ends; life has ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, surprises and drudgery, but there are still core things that make all people healthy and happy and that is my journey… What are those things independent of traditional ideas of “success?”  We can all define our own parameters for success. A clue for me is the original Old French meaning of the word “success” which is “move to the next thing.”  And that is what I’m doing baby,  that is what I’m doing.

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