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Find out why writers and will-be writers rave about this book

Kathrin Lake has divided the problems of NOT writing into five secrets, five simple categories that will free you and your writing. Do you procrastinate on your writing? This book will show you how to stop procrastination in its tracks. Do you start your writing projects, but don’t finish them? This book will tell you what’s up with that and it isn’t all bad news. Do you get lost in your story, feel stuck, say you hate writing, fear judgment, never have time to write, don’t know how to find your writer’s voice, or do any of these anxieties sound familiar to you? You must read this book. With simple, original exercises and inspiring stories Writing with Cold Feet will get you writing again, better than ever.

Fall in love with small town Mexico… or just fall in love

The Happy Hammock series is the true story of a couple who falls for a town in Mexico as they fall for each other. Part travel romance, part travel memoir, you will be rooting for this fun couple to find their way in tropical happiness amid all their hilarious obstacles and adventures. If you are curious about what it would be like to live in a quaint Mexican town, this series will give you a good taste of the experience as you laugh, cry, smile and fall in love.

Kathrin and John fall in love over a mutual hatred… winter cold. Traveling together for the first time in Mexico, John takes her to a small fishing village with an unusual Blues bar run by the mysterious Diego. She not only falls for the town and its colorful characters, she falls in love with a beautiful casa and naively insists they put in an offer. That’s when things go sideways. Negotiating the Mexican bureaucracy and finding a host of helpful and “interesting” characters becomes their new life. Will Kathrin escape her corporate soul-killing job to be a fulltime writer? Will John ever propose? And, will they ever get to live in their Mexican casa? Find out, in this fun and charming adventure.

The Adventure Continues…

Kathrin and John have a 3-D architectural rendering of their dream casa to build on their property in the town of Libé, Mexico. Trouble is…they have no way to pay for it.
Kathrin tries everything—short of a bank heist—to secure the funds until a twist of fate intervenes. Once the money has been found, a new host of problems ensue. What is it to be the “boss lady” to a Mexican building crew? How do you furnish a casa with a color-obsessed friend while avoiding a taboo topic from the past? What do you do when a real disaster strikes? Can her marriage survive all these stresses?
Secrets are uncovered, crimes are committed, and love is challenged in the continuing saga of The Happy Hammock.

Ever wonder how great memoirs get made into movies? 

Their writers understood how to make a memoir come to life by not just telling about the past, but by using fiction techniques to allow readers to re-experience it in all its vividness.
This book is easy to read and has been recommended by even experienced writers as a treasure. Lake goes through all the stumbling blocks and their solutions, and uses easy to grasp techniques with terrific examples from memoirs that stood out, got rave reviews, and were often made into movies, like Eat Pray Love, The Glass Castle, Running with Scissors and A Walk in the Woods.
You will learn:

  • How to structure
  • How to re-create dialogue
  • How to capture descriptions
  • How to tell an engaging throughline story
  • How to create suspense
  • How to create a page-turner
  • How to organize
  • How to find and use themes


“A marvelous book that will help any writer or aspiring author.”

The A to Zen of Writing is a humble little book with a universe of heart. It includes inspiring reflections on writing, quotes from famous authors, writing prompts and challenging brainstorm questions for the reader to answer about themselves and their writing. There are no wrong answers.
Combining the inspiration of writing prompts with the basic child’s alphabet book, The A to Zen of Writing is simple, poetic, and inspiring yet challenging too. A fun, must-have book for any writer.
The A to Zen of Writing includes 26 inspiring reflections on writing from author, Kathrin Lake (Writing with Cold Feet). As well, there are 26 inspiring quotes from famous authors and 26 or more projects for the reader/writer to work on.
A is for Authenticity
B is for Being Bad
C is for Character
D is for Discipline
E is for Enthusiasm
F is for Feedback … and so on…

The A to Zen of Speech Writing introduces…

The very simple TEPI method for people who want to, and need to, write convincing, compelling and entertaining speeches by dividing them into the four TEPI categories: Training, Entertaining, Persuasion a nd Inspiration. With wisdom from the author and her career in speech writing as a author, speaker, professional trainer, and an award winning and advanced competent speaker for Toastmasters International, this book is a great for beginners and even advanced speech writers. As well, this book has gathered the best of the best quotes from top notch speech writers revealing their tricks, tips and wisdom. Again, this A to Zen book provides questions to answer on each project page for readers to apply directly to a speech they are working on, making these books practical, effective and easy.

How to catch the boat to your successful, thriving life (even if you thought you’d missed it)

Despite being well educated and talented, many people think they have missed the boat as they approach middle age or are in middle age. They may believe: opportunities have passed them by, they made choices they now regret, they are stuck doing something they no longer like, they were thrown off track by a crisis, they lacked courage, suffered from economics that they have no control over. This has tainted their sense of prosperity and well being; it has affected their career and relationships and virtually everything that is important to them. Many times it has brought down their health and their happiness and short-changed their ability to thrive despite everything.

From Survival to Thrival provides tools to get people back on track as well as a new perspective on success. Through true-life stories and original exercises, this book guides people to discover the changes they want to make, the importance of their attitude, and how they can start small and build fast, covering finances, health, career and relationships. But more importantly, From Survival to Thrival also shows how to enjoy health and happiness NOW – not some promised time in their future.