The A to Zen of Writing

The A to Zen of Writing

“A marvelous book that will help any writer or aspiring author.”  – James Hall

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Book Description:

Combining the distilled wisdom of famous authors about writing, with the reflections of the author herself, with the basic child’s alphabet book, The A to Zen of Writing is simple, poetic, yet with Questions after each “letter” to ponder, it becomes as challenging as it is inspiring. A fun, must-have book for any writer.

The A to Zen of Writing includes 26 inspiring reflections on writing from author, Kathrin Lake (Writing with Cold Feet), 26 inspiring quotes from famous authors and a series of challenging brainstorm questions for the reader to reflect on and answer about themselves and their writing. There are no wrong answers.

A is for Authenticity
B is for Being Bad
C is for Character
D is for Discipline
E is for Enthusiasm
F is for Feedback … and so on

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The A to Zen of Writing

on January 24, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The A to Zen of Writing is a really creative guide that inspires REAL writing! I’m not going to say this writing book is directional, even if it does cleverly follow the alphabet. But I will say the positive words of wisdom and quotes with each letter is awesome!
I learned and laughed, and most importantly this author encouraged my mind to think “big picture” which is critical as a REAL writer.
Give his book a read and let the author know what you think. My advice as a writer…keep them coming!
on January 28, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I LOVED this book!! Wonderfully enjoyable especially for uninspired writers like me 🙂 this book is adorable yet educational. Wonderful find!
on March 3, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This book and Kathrin’s companion book. ‘Writing With Cold Feet’, are perfect armament against writers’ block, and those doldrum days when it seems The Muse is playing not only hide and seek, but has left the planet forever.
Rather than duplicate the reviews listed here, eloquently outlining as they do, the restorative power in these two books, suffice to say: buy both and keep them right beside you daily as you write.
They are a life preserver for any writer voyaging upon the literary seas, be they storm-tossed or calm.
Thank you, Kathrin for these two ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL writing books!