The Guided Meditations for Putting Fear in Reverse Gear

Power of Wow and Other Audio Meditations

The following audio links are recorded guided meditations and visualizations that are for the readers of Putting Fear in Reverse Gear or Putting Off Procrastination which are the same books – the latter in print  and the former in ebook. To learn more about reducing fears, anxieties and procrastination and how you can use these tools and others more effectively, find the book for sale here.

The Guided Meditation 1 – The Hear and Now
Use this meditation for general anxiety and stress relief. It takes under ten minutes.

The First Step Visualization
Use this visualization exercise when you are procrastinating and dreading starting a task. You may use it at any time but generally at the beginning of a project.

The Power of Wow – Time Machine Visualization
Use this visualization when you want to imagine a positive future to look forward to and gain advice and deep wisdom from the one person who knows you best.