Writing with Cold Feet

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Writing with Cold Feet
Secrets of How to Write When You Are Not Writing

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Is it possible to both love to write, and approach it with reluctance? All the time! That’s what author Kathrin Lake calls Writing with Cold Feet, the name of her fourth book. This book will give you the answers of how to know when you should rekindle a project that you left sitting in a drawer and how to rethink your writing life in a way that makes writing an easier art. She will clarify the differences between fears, procrastination and resistance and how to overcome them all, and get in the flow again. Kathrin uses stories from her own career as writer, story coach and the founder of the Vancouver School of Writing, and many other writers who she has either helped, or drawn wisdom from.

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Writing with Cold Feet

Writing With Cold Feet is an honest and enlightening look at the challenges many authors face, with powerful strategies to move forward to success!  A must read for authors.
– Charmaine Hammond, best selling author, On Toby’s Terms

For every writer who has ever felt stuck, this practical and warm book will guide them back onto the path of creativity and productivity.
– Eileen Cook Author of Unraveling Isobel

I wish I’d had WRITING WITH COLD FEET at a time when I stopped writing. It’s full of great advice for beating self-defeat, and kick-starting creativity. Turns out that you don’t have to have a tortured soul to be an excellent writer. Who knew?
– Robin Spano, author of Death Plays Poker

Kathrin addresses why so many of us approach writing with “cold feet” and how writers can let go and let our writing flow.  Keep this little gem at your side as a trusted friend who’s been there and can guide the way.
– Gordon Thomas, editor