From Survival to Thrival

From Survival to Thrival
How to catch the boat of your successful, thriving life (even if you thought you missed it)

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Book Description:

From Survival to Thrival strikes a chord like no other book by defining success so everyone feels it is within his or her grasp.  Pulling together knowledge from several areas, this newly coined “Thrival Guide” creates an overall plan that anyone can draw from.  From Survival to Thrival not only gives great insights, but also gives original step-by-step exercises for trouncing fears and generating positive habits, that will make definitive changes in anyone’s life.

Through true-life stories and original exercises, this book guides people to discover the changes they want to make, and how they can start small and build fast towards them, covering finances, health, career and relationships.  But more importantly, From Survival to Thrival shows people how to enjoy health and happiness NOW, not some promised time in their future.

What others are saying:

“The clarity of Lake’s advice is disconcerting… she asks the simple question: What if success were defined as progress, instead of a result? What if success were defined as not where you end up, but how you live your life every day? What if we stopped keeping our self-praise and self-esteem building blocks for special occasions, like your mother’s good china, and let it out every day? [Chapter 4 – The Good China Syndrome] …I’ve read the weird and the wonderful, the odd and the inspiring…but I can say definitively that I have not read a self-help guide so down-to-earth. I will stop here, and recommend her!” – Lori Dunn, ReaderReviews

“This book has been wonderful for me. I’m on the path to changing how I view my life: rather than waiting for someone to change or something to happen, I WILL CHANGE to make something happen for me.” – Sheila W

“Kathrin Lake is on a quest- to help you thrive! With vulnerability and insight she lets you in on pieces of her own journey, and shares principles and stories that have the potential to move you beyond mere survival. Her book is filled with nuggets of inspiration and truth, followed up with concrete suggestions for action, many of which will alter your life for the better if you simply grab on and run with them.”
– Darren Wride, Author of Release: A Wilderness Adventure of the Soul

“Kathrin has created a great book for our crazy, chaotic world. She gives us compelling insights, as well as tips and techniques to live a more fulfilled life no matter what gets thrown at us.” 
– Michael Schell, Author of Buyer-Approved Selling

on April 21, 2015
From Survival to Thrival is a book true to its message: people want things, situations to change, but they are unwilling to change their behavior, actions and ways. This author is terrific in helping you make assessments on your life, changes needed, and how to make them effective. The author’s experiences of her own life is an example of moving from survival to thriving, and at the same time, do it with enjoyment. She details the steps of accomplishing these goals, and at the same time not losing your perspective. You need to become proactive and face the elephants of your life, in order to achieve a thriving attitude. You have to let go of the past, be in control of the present, so you can find joy and balance in your life.
Reviewed by Mary Ann Vitale, award-winning author of The Water Lily Fairy and The Street Where the Dollar Tree Grew.
on February 24, 2015
Its a great book to take control of your life and the direction in which it
is headed. The book is well written and will cause you to rethink your life.
The suggestions and ideas are worth contemplating and if you can seriously
put them into practice I feel they can be pretty effective. The book is also easy to
read and most of the advice is practical which will actually help you change. I liked
the idea of dissociating Goals with happiness and self worth, I think we can live
more happily and peacefully. Its a good book, definitely recommended for anyone
who wants to make some positive changes in his/her life.
on March 1, 2015
I really enjoyed this book. As a young woman, we tend not to learn the life lessons, such as on what to invest, etc. At university, we never get life lessons, and we end up getting lost during our working life. This book teaches you how to avoid making investment mistakes, such as spending a lot of money on clothes, which, as a woman I always do and then regret because I never wear them! I was really searching for someone to give me some advice, and I found them all in this book!
on February 27, 2015
This guide has helped me in a lot of ways. I have been baffled myself or confused with a lot of things but this book has showed me many realistic ways to deal with this. With people’s situations and other graver factors in life. The whole game is of attitude and adaptation.