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San Miguel Allende Writer’s Conference has opened ALL its classes up to the world for 2023 in Mexico. In-person classes will remain small and safe, so do make sure you register ASAP. We will be making these classes very interactive, with homework you will share for feedback, including my notes. I have two workshops and a consulting package too. My one on memoirs based on my book, cover below, How to Write and Enthralling Memoir Using Fiction Techniques, and another, Actors’ Tricks for Character Development in Fiction Writing. Also you can have a personal one-on-one consultation with me for $60. I think we may be able to do those by Zoom too. Links and desciptions below.


How to Write an Enthralling Memoir Using Fiction Techniques. I hope it will become the gold standard to learning how to write super engaging memoirs that read like great fiction. BRAND NEW and ON AMAZON NOW!

The Happy Hammock Memoir Series

2 thoughts on “Kathrin Lake

  1. Edna Billesberger says:

    Hi Kathrin, I just watched your video LIVE HAPPY HOUR: Building Your Dream Home in Mexico with Brighton West. We are fellow BC’ers who have sold our home there and moved here as well. Struggling with my online Spanish Lessons so we’d be interested in joining your lessons if we can afford them. We are in Nuevo Vallarta and have to take taxi to get around right now. Could you please send me information regarding the lessons? We speak about 10 words of Spanish right now..

  2. vswwriting says:

    Hi there! I am not doing any lessons except in February at SMA, and full up with coaching currently.
    Here are the links:

    SESSION 3 WORKSHOP | W34 | WED 15 FEB | 9:00-11:00AM | Actors’ Tricks for Character Development in Fiction Writing with Kathrin Lake

    SESSION 5 WORKSHOP | W54 | THR 16 FEB | 1:00-3:00PM | How to Write Enthralling Memoirs Using Fiction Techniques with Kathrin Lake

    What are you writing? Genre wise? Maybe I can point you in the right direction.
    Cheers and thanks!

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