My Husband Jim Gets Romantic on National TV



Mid-Life Marriage

NOTE: Turn off the volume on the live feed and then play the video or you will get both audios simultaneously.

A spin off of my blog post and wedding speech video, Why I got Married at 50, was that Huffington Post Live wanted to interview my husband, Jim, in a panel about Mid-Life Marriage.  I was poised to jump in but, alas, unwanted. They already had too many women on the panel. So they quickly phoned him in. He had an hour’s notice.  I think he is the most romantic one of the bunch and was all too flattering to me. Kudos and kisses, to Jim.

Boot Camp for Self Esteem

I hate work-outs. I suspect that it is because they have the word “work” in them. I do prefer fun-outs, like going out dancing every week, but that is another story. Lately, my sister and I have been going to boot camps. While I am dragging myself along, sweat dripping down my nose, heart pumping to an uncomfortable ache, joints protesting that they are too old for this, I am thinking why are we all doing this? The boot camp instructor has 25 minions doing as he yells. I think to myself, he is not asking me to do anything I couldn’t do myself. But would I? Would I push myself if someone wasn’t on me? Okay, I could, but only so far. It is only by being in a group, by being pushed and watched, that no one wants to wimp out first. 

So how does this apply to self esteem?  I am the woman who says that self esteem is like physical fitness, we have to maintain it. The reward for those that do is greater satisfaction in life no matter what happens to them. As Confucius said, “Respect yourself and others will respect you.”  The self esteem you build will have you looking hot in your metaphorical self esteem bikini, and attracting all the people and things you want. It works!  Better than The Secret.

So why not a Self Esteem Boot Camp where we are pushed to love ourselves unconditionally?  To focus on all our positive attributes and strengths we have to offer?  I would say I have found this boot camp in coaching, and personal development workshops.  Also, you can find it in excellent reading and exercises that you can do on your own – sure no one’s pushing you, but you are always the one who has to make the choice to get on your self esteem work-out gear and keep that self-love in shape! Read a book, listen to a cd, book a coaching session, sign up for a personal development workshop or go to a meetup group today and give your self esteem a work-out… regularly. 

Towards Happiness

These are my thoughts on how to move from just surviving in life to thriving. Yes, I wrote a book by the similar title, From Survival to Thrival, but guess what? The journey never ends; life has ups and downs, struggles and triumphs, surprises and drudgery, but there are still core things that make all people healthy and happy and that is my journey… What are those things independent of traditional ideas of “success?”  We can all define our own parameters for success. A clue for me is the original Old French meaning of the word “success” which is “move to the next thing.”  And that is what I’m doing baby,  that is what I’m doing.