Book 2: The Happy Hammock Series

Exciting for me to be writing a series under my own name. It means I have a series page on Amazon. And it will grow because Book 3 is in the works. But for now, Book 2. A Book Launch that was delayed due to Covid. So join my list and get an invitation to one of two Book Launch Parties in Mexico in December 2021 and January 2022. Meanwhile, the book.

Yes, The Happy Hammock Builds a House picks up where Kathrin and John left off in The Happy Hammock, first book, but starts with a peek into a future paradise with an unexpected twist… summary is below.

The Adventure Continues…

Kathrin and John have a 3-D architectural rendering of their dream casa to build on their property in the town of Libé, Mexico. Trouble is…they have no way to pay for it.
Kathrin tries everything—short of a bank heist—to secure the funds until a twist of fate intervenes. Once the money has been found, a new host of problems ensue. What is it to be the “boss lady” to a Mexican building crew? How do you furnish a casa with a color-obsessed friend while avoiding a taboo topic from the past? What do you do when a real disaster strikes? Can her marriage survive all these stresses?
Secrets are uncovered, crimes are committed, and love is challenged in the continuing saga of The Happy Hammock.



2 thoughts on “Book 2: The Happy Hammock Series

  1. Margaret BUCKWORTH says:

    Wondering if your third book will be ready in December and if you’ll have a launch party! I’ll be back in Barra in December.

  2. vswwriting says:

    Thanks for asking Margaret, because I write mysteries under another name and we are doing a launch this Chistmas for that, no I won’t for HH 3 but hope to for next Christmas. Sorry.

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