How to be Annoying for a Good Reason (or My Climate Strike Day VIDEO)

This was my Climate Crisis Action day. I participated in two back-to-back demonstrations. One is ongoing. By the way, I no longer ever say climate change, I say what it is, climate crisis. It should be even stronger as in life or death crisis. This is my video explanation:

(By the way, when I went out of the house, knowing I would be gone for a few hours I shut everything off but my fridge and lights so I wasn’t doing any energy drain while no one was home and this has become routine for me. )

Here is the denier guy and my sign to hold when I stand next to him.








Other snaps:

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Demands that the EARTH JUSTICE and YOUTH ASKED FOR AND WE SUPPORT, they are not small but essential:

  1. Reject offsets and stop the transition of the Clean Development Mechanism into the guidelines for implementation of the Paris Agreement in the guise of the Sustainable Development Mechanism.
  2. Honor the international Moratorium on geoengineering established by the Convention on Biological Diversity.
  3. Reject Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) projects, and other technofixes.
  4. Stop the conversion of local agricultural lands to non-food production purposes.
  5. Reject reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, Internationally-Traded Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs), and all forms of carbon trading schemes that undermine human rights, including indigenous cultures, territorial sovereignty, and integrity.
  6. Stop supporting and promoting burning biomass as renewable energy and reject the substitution of biofuels and bioenergy as an alternative to fossil fuels.
  7. Reject corporate-fronted schemes promoting so-called “Climate Smart Agriculture”.
  8. Find alternative energy jobs for those that will be losing their fossil fuels jobs. Create a transitional plans.
  9. Reduce CO2 emissions to under 1.5 and maintain them.
  10. Allow native people’s to have positions of stewardship over the land where ever possible
  11. Plan to maintain the above as proper stewardship of the earth.

Important books from Authors I have worked with that inspire Companies and Organizations to do better by the planet! Please give as gifts:


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