The Gala

Kathrin Lake, author of From Survival to Thrival documents her first Tango lessons inspired by Tim Ferriss’s book The 4 -Hour Workweek.

The Tango Gala

A brief post before I fly to San Francisco to join the Experts Academy.  The Tango Gala on Saturday was amazing.  I had no idea how many talented tango dancers there are in Vancouver.  They came dressed in glitter and glamour and in all shapes and sizes . All were extraordinary and impressive with their own personalities in their dance. Like the little Asian man who was always 5 inches shorter than any partner, yet his passion for the dance was tireless. He was living his dreams.  The demo from Guillermo Salvant and Silvia Grynt from Argentina brought by Gabriela Rojo was fun and of course, impressive. I caught some still photos from my video here.  I downloaded the video of one demo (they did three) to youtube at: . In addition, we saw on the dance floor Salsa, Milonga (a tango at double time), Merengue and Tango waltzes. We also saw a terrific Bellydance demonstration.  But the best was seeing Gabriela herself doing her Gaucha Bolero dance. I also downloaded a vid of that at: .

Jim and I dance about 6 dances together and I managed to do a few things passably but we both felt way out of our league.  Jim even threw in a few swing dance moves to a few of his surprised dance partners. We are so much more competent at that dance.  Do what you know, they say but it takes time to learn anything, takes time to know anything. One day, I hope to be comfortable doing the tango. I wonder how may human beings on the planet at this time have tried to master a dance? Perhaps many more with Dancing with the Stars (must be very good business for dance schools these days).  Ah, but trying is one thing, gaining competence is another. Many people give up. Jim says, persistence + work = joy & ego strokes. And for some of us, it is delightful to move the body and express ourselves in whatever God gave us.

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